Innovatx Gives Back: The Beginning

In 2019, our team launched the Innovatx Gives Back program to show some love to our community while bringing our team together, all in one perfect day.  Innovatx Gives Back was a natural, positive progression for our actively growing team.  While planning events all over the world, we pride ourselves in being the experts in our weird city of Austin, Texas.  We embrace the strangeness our city has to offer, and even show it off to our clients. So, we decided that it was our obligatory privilege to give back in small, yet profound ways.

Our journey started with Caritas of Austin, a local non-profit that serves the homeless community.  By using the one trait that every event planner prides themselves on, organization, our team was able to execute the task at hand in a systematically creative way.  Before we arrived, Caritas had received a generous mass donation of kitchen supplies.  Due to their limited staff, they were unable to sort and therefore donate any of the supplies to the families in need.  That’s where we came in!

The Innovatx team enthusiastically divided and labeled all the plates, bowls, silverware and cups into boxes based on the different family sizes and needs.  Each of us were downright giddy as we sorted the mess into perfectly organized piles that were then packaged and ready for case workers to easily pick-up and distribute.  By committing our time and energy, we positively impacted Caritas and were beyond grateful to have helped.  

From that moment on, we were hooked.  Our team actively seeks out volunteer opportunities at several non-profits within the Austin area and are looking forward to creating profound community impact as Innovatx Gives Back in 2020!