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Incentives and Loyalty Programs

Global Incentive Planning and Program Development

Hard work deserves positive recognition, and how you choose to acknowledge your employees can make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary results. Partner with INNOVATX to provide an unforgettable reward by participating in an Incentive Travel Program for your staff, customers, channel partners or distributors. Whoever the target group is, a jointly crafted trip will be designed to honor their efforts within your respected budget.

By acknowledging your needs and utilizing years of Incentive Travel and Loyalty Program expertise, an unparalleled experience will be carefully managed, that will drive productive business and positive, useful behavioral results.

Non-Travel Incentive Tracking, Rewarding and Gifting

Incentivize your team using challenges, leaderboards, dynamic notifications, and instant recognition to create a high-performance culture. Or simply reward one or thousands of employees with points to redeem for digital gift cards or any gift you want. Incentive tracking is a crucial step in running an incentive program. Unless participants know how well they are progressing toward their goal, they have no opportunity to increase their performance. You can also instantly reward one or thousands of employees, event attendees, or really anyone with points to redeem for digital gift cards or any gift you want. INNOVATX handles everything for you.

Services Provided

Defining Individual Goals

Branding and Design Consulting

Strategic Destination Selection

Hotel Negotiation and Sourcing

Custom and Creative Itineraries

Expert Delivery of Logistics

Branded Event Website

Online Registration Site

Securing Partnerships with Local Destination Partners

Dedicated Account Management

Ticketing and Travel Management

Guidance and Assistance with Visa, Passport

Group Discounted Airline Fares

Onsite Travel Management

Detailed Travel Documentation and Collateral

Mobile Applications

Amenity Gift Procurement

Defining Individual Goals

Post Program Survey and Success Measurement

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