2020 Event Trends 2020: Pre and Post COVID-19

We are over a quarter of a way through the year and it is time for our 2020 spotlight on event trends. As you can imagine, the trends we were experiencing pre COVID-19 were dramatically different from the current event trends. So here are our top four 2020 trends, two pre COVID-19 and two post.


1. The Green (Sustainable) Initiative: Going green has been going off in a big way. With the planet’s limited resources and inability to handle the amount of waste we produce, the event industry has taken it upon themselves to reduce their footprint at each event. So, how can you do this?

Sustainable décor and stage design such as living walls, re-usable elements and eco- furniture from local Craftsman

Waste Diversion: To accomplish this technique, trash is separated into three streams: recyclables, compost and  waste. Compost and recyclables are diverted from the landfill to local facilities.  

Conference Materials and Amenities:

  • Univenture name badge inserts are made of 100% post-consumer waste recycled content and the holders are recyclable and compostable
  • A mobile event app allows attendees to access information 24/7 via their mobile device eliminating the need for printing programs
  • Re-usable water bottles are provided at check in with water stations are placed all around the conference to reduce the need for single use cups

HINT! Companies such as Natural Capital Partners can coach you through a green event!

2. Spotlight on Females: More than ever, there is a spotlight on female centric events.

Several companies are using all female panels or spotlight influential women as their speakers. Whether in person or offline there are resources to empower, promote and encourage each other every day.

Striving to work with a woman-owned business is also top of mind for several companies, not only because it highlights their commitment to working with diverse markets but also has major tax incentives.


3. Virtual Events: As you can imagine with social distancing restrictions, having a physical event is nearly impossible due to restrictions and regulations. But being physically distant does not mean being less interactive. That is where virtual events come into play. Companies whose bread and butter are usually face to face are rapidly turning to online solutions.

Virtual events are quite beneficial for several reasons:

  • They do not require a physical space so there is no need do “wait for a venue”
  • With the proper platform you can have an unlimited number of attendees
  • There are fewer costs such as catering, on site staff and physical resources
  • With the right infrastructure they can be set up in only a matter of days

Big News! We at Innovatx have the capability to integrate with the existing platforms you are using such as Zoom and Google Hangouts or can create a custom platform that can be white labeled directly into your website.

4. Elevated Gifting: Even though attendees are remote, companies are still showing them the love by delivering relevant gifts directly to their home.

Conference in a Box: Bring your conference to life by sending a kit to your attendees’ home that includes items like a custom water bottle, brochure, pens, small blanket, flash drive, t-shirt and so much more. The possibilities are endless!  

Thinking of you: Clients and companies are also sending gifts that let customers know they are top of mind. Anything from a custom laser engraved “Thinker Notebook” with your customers name or a work-from-home kit complete with branded mousepads, headphones and coffee mugs are a big hit right now.

2020 is just beginning so as we see the world develop and change, we will keep you up to date on the newest trends. As a global DMC Partner, INNOVATX is here to help keep your company on trend and proactive during this time.